Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My Family Trip To The Beach

Learning goalWe are learning to write a descriptive text.
Success criteria: We can do this when we can use describing  words.
In the weekend my family and I went to the beach. 
When we got there we ran on the sand and it was hot. I went for a swim. I felt cold and goose bumps. The waves splashed on the sand. The sea shells sparkled in the sun. I heard the seagulls squawked in the sky. I ate sausages and it tasted like pork. I had ice-cream and it looked like a mountain because it had three scoops on the cone.
I had a fun day at the beach. 
                                                By Joyla


  1. Hey Joyla,
    I really really like your text about going to the beach with your family. I think that all the adjectives that you used to describe what happened were amazing. Keep up your fantastic writing and maybe in the future you’ll be a star writer.