Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Birthday Party

Mum and I went to my cousin's birthday party in his house. He turned 6. Mum made a vanilla cake for him. We sang happy birthday to him and he blew the candles. We had some cakes and it tasted delicious. We gave him star wars games. He was happy. I was tired afterwards.

By Kevin.

My Trip To Rainbows End

During the holidays my family took me to Rainbows End. Mum, dad and I went on the little roller coaster. I was scared because it went very fast. I thought I was going to fall off but mum held me tight. When it stopped I got a cookie. Then I went on the bouncy castle. It was too bouncy. Mum bought us some food.  We all had a really great time. I was tired afterwards.

By Sydney-Rayne
During the holidays I went to Palmerston North with my mum.  Mum took me to the Ice skating house. It was a cold place.  We had to wear warm clothes and ice skating shoes. Mum helped me to skate. She held my hands and we skated together. I fell over and hurt my legs and mum hurt her knees. It didn't stop us from having fun. Mum and I had a great time.

By Eunice


After the Jump Jam Room 1 and Room 2 played basketball at the bottom court. Coach Bruce showed us how to drill the ball and shoot the ball into the hoops. I tried my best but I couldn't shoot the ball because I was too short. But Coach Bruce picked me up and I pushed the ball to high. I tried again and I did it. I learnt lots of skills. I enjoyed playing basketball.

by Lupe

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I blew lots of bubbles. Some were big and some were small. The bubbles went up up high in the sky. The bubbles were floating and they popped. They were colourful. The soap made my hands slippery and sticky. I liked blowing bubbles. It was fun.
Yesterday I blew bubbles. I blew big bubbles and small bubbles. They went up, up high in the sky and they popped. The fiery sun made them colourful. My hands were sticky and slippery. I liked blowing bubbles. It was fun.