Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Room 2 @ SPS 2020 - Blue vanilla tigers who want to be 7!

Here we all are outside of our classroom on the playground - we are very excited about our learning this year at Saint Patricks School.  

We thought that you would like to know some interesting pieces of information about us... our favourite colours are red, pink, green, black but our favourite is BLUE. 

We like strawberry, chocolate and lime ice-cream, but our favourite is VANILLA.  

Some of the animals we like in room 2 are bears, pigs, butterflies, dinosaurs, lions, dogs, unicorns and cheetahs but our favourite animal is a TIGER.  

When we grow up we want to be a basketball player, a princess, a builder, a Dad, a flower maker and a policeman - but most of us just want to be 7!

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Welcome to 2020

We are now a class of 13 in Room 2 for 2020...

We are Roland, Jazzmin, Zenalia, Paula, Angelina-Rose, Sione, Ezekiel, Nixcent, Franceska, Thalia, Kava, Patrick and Bryson.  

Our teacher is Sister 'Evelesi. 

We have lots of fun in our classroom...we do lots of learning like maths, writing, reading, music and we always start and finish our days with prayers.

We have LOTS of story time and we do LOTS of talking - WE LOVE SCHOOL!

WE look forward to sharing our learning over the year with you on our blog.