Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Trip To The Zoo

On the weekend my family and I went to the Zoo to see the animals. I liked the baby animals because they are cute. I saw an elephant. I gave a peanut to the elephant he liked it.

My Family Day

Mum and I went to Ten Pin Bowling during the school holidays. My mum and I went to bowl the ball. I was bowling the ball and I crashed the sticks. Then I told my mum lets go back home. I was happy because I had one hundred points.

During The Holidays

During the school holidays my family and I went to the Butterfly Creek. I saw lots of butterflies. One of the butterflies landed on my right arm. They looked colourful. Then we went to see the Crocodiles with my mum and dad and baby sister. The two girls feed the crocodiles with pig’s heads. We had a ride on a train and I went to play golf with my mum and dad. I hit the ball and it went into the hole. After that I went to buy a white rabbit and I named her Roger. Then we went home.