Wednesday, 11 June 2014

In Room 2 we are learning to write a  simple instructional text. 

First we talked about action verbs  and nouns. We recorded  lots of actions verbs and nouns.

Then the children looked at the photos of themselves making homemade ice-cream at the end of Term 1. They talked  about each photo. I recorded them and then asked the children to match the labels to the drawings. 

After that the children were asked to organise the photos in order. They did well.The illustration of their work is shown above.
The next learning was showing the children how to write a set of  instructions 
  • The children looked at an example of  instructional writing
  • We looked at the structure: Title, materials or ingredients: You will need, Method or sequence of steps
  • Children were asked to name the verbs in each step. They did well. They looked at our displayed of verbs chart.

Finally we wrote the instructions of making homemade ice- cream together using prepared scaffolds.
This is our set of instructions, shown below.