Monday, 30 May 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

There was a big earthquake in Christchurch in February. I saw lots of damaged buildings. The big buildings collasped and there were many people trapped inside. The rescuers tried to pull the people out from the shattered buildings. The falling bricks flattened the buses and cars parked on the road. The people ran everywhere. People were crying and calling out for help.
I felt sad because there were so many people lost their houses and everything they had.

Making Butter

On Tuesday we made butter in our classroom because we wanted to know how to make it. First we shook the jar with cream and salt in it. Then we kept on shaking. My hands got tired. Then I passed it to the next person. The cream turned into butter. It looked yellowish and creamy and tasted salty and delicious. It felt smooth and soft.
I felt happy because I know how to make butter.