Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Fruit Time on a Tuesday afternoon...

In Room 2 we had fruit after lunch - it is our brain food for the afternoon.

8 of us had apples.
The apples were crispy and crunchy and salty and yummy and juicy and sweet but one was sour. The apples are red but they are green as well. You can eat the skin of an apple. They are crispy because they are hard.

4 of us had bananas.  
The bananas are good for our brain, they taste sweet and sticky.  The bananas are yellow but you can not eat the skin.

2 of us had peaches.
The peaches were red and yellow and orange and pink.  They tasted sweet and they were very juicy.  It had a big stone in the middle.  The peaches were soft and furry.

We had 14 pieces of fruit altogether.


  1. very good explanation. keep eating healthy.

  2. Wow Room 2, I like the way you used interesting words to describe your favourite fruits. well done

  3. Hi there Room2. Fruit is an awesome brainfood. I love the way you use descriptive language to describe which are your favourite fruits. Great job Room 2!